*The green LED is on when the system is in normal mode.
*LED is not lit when in emergency mode.
*System external standby mode (external emergency mode): Green LED lights 3 sec intermittently.
*Rest mode: 500 ms green LED lights with 20 sec intervals.
*LED is not lit when is in OFF mode.
*Lamp power break: 500 ms audible warning with 500 ms intervals and red LED lights.
*Lamp short circuit error: 100 ms red LED, 1000 ms intermittent audible warning is 1000 ms.
*Burn lamp circuit error: red LED lights continuously, 500 ms sound warning with 500 ms intervals.
*Battery reverse connection error: 500 ms red light 500 ms green LED is on.
*Battery selection error: 500 ms red LED lights with 500 ms intervals.
*Battery charge error: 5 sec interval, 5 sec red LED is on.
*Battery time test failure: 3 sec interval, 3 sec red LED is on.
*Function test: 100 ms interval green LED is lit.
*Duration test: 1 sec interval green LED is on.
*ID test: 500 ms interval green LED on.
*Standby mode: 2 sec interval green LED is on.
*If the grid voltage is <180V with no battery, grid low fault.
*If the grid voltage is> 280V with no battery, grid high fault.
(10 sec interval, 10 sec red LED lights up.)