Environmental policy
Community-wide environmental management is carried out within the framework of strategies and policies developed by Altez Elektronik. Altez Electronics establishes the principles of environmental management based on international agreements, standards, initiatives and national legislation, as well as environmental legislation of the countries in which they operate, as well as the UN Global Compact.

These basic principles and principles that shape our environmental processes are managed by an identical approach to Altez Elektronik. Altez Elektronik continues its activities by taking into consideration the sectoral expectations and needs and developing environmental policies and strategies.
Environmental Vision
Reducing the need for waste disposal, purification or disposal, using clean technologies in production, reducing waste at the source and efficient use of natural resources,

• To control and reduce the environmental effects that may arise from our activities through scientific and economic solutions,

• Being a pioneer in making environmentally sensitive investments, evaluating the environmental impacts of new investments, protecting the environment, establishing healthy, safe and environmentally conscious businesses,

• To keep abreast of all innovations, research and development studies,

• To bring solutions by using unique and pioneering technologies to environmental problems,

• Providing emergency and environmental risk management at the most advanced level,

• Sustainable Development - to support activities,

• Ensure that good environmental practices are shared and disseminated by creating synergies around the environmental management culture within the Community-wide continuous improvement principle.

we aim to be a company that is proudly mentioned in our name not only today but also in the future and leaves a reliable trail for both our country and our world.