Radar Sensor,Emergency lighting Kit and Led Lighting

  • Opal glass covered steal sheet body
  • Emergency and sensor lighting
  • Easy mounting on surface
  • Hight temperature Nickel-Cadmium batteries
  • 2500lm on mains, 330lm on emergency lighting
  • Emergency operation time 3 hours
  • Led of emergency operation CCT 6500K
  • Adjustable with deepswitch time relay, lighting level and sensing distance
  • Easy installation with all accessory
  • EN 60598-2-22, EN55014, EN60669-2-1, EAC and  CE certified
  • Optional for fire alarm line
KodDurationBatteryFluxOperation Mode 
SEH-R3-26-XW-3N3hNi-Cd 1.2V 1A2500lm/90lm26WLed+Sensor+Kit 
SEH-R3-26-XW-3L3hLi-Ion 3.7V 2A2500lm/330lm26WLed+Sensor+Kit 
SEH-R3-10-XW-3N3hNi-Cd 1.2V 1A1000lm/90lm10WLed+Sensor+Kit 
SEH-R3-10-XW-3L3hLi-Ion 3.7V 2A1000lm/330lm10WLed+Sensor+Kit 
SEH-10-XW-3N3hNi-Cd 1.2V 1A1000lm/90lm10WLed+Kit 
SEH-10-XW-3L3hLi-Ion 3.7V 2A1000lm/330lm10WLed+Sensor 
SEH-13-XW1250lm13W Led 
SEH-6-XW500lm6W Led