Surface mounted, double sided
Visibility range : 30m

  • Injection moulted acrylic diffuser covered ABS body
  • High efficiency LED driver
  • Easy to install ceiling or wall surface-mounted
  • High temperature Ni-Cd or Li-Ion batteries
  • Emergency operation time 3 hours
  • Easy installation with all accessory
  • Standard pressed or sticker with pictogram shape
  • EN 60598-2-22, EAC ve CE certified
AME M3Led 2W3hNi-Cd 1.2V 1100mA120lm / 90lm 325x195x55450gr. Calc
AMEP-PXXPlexiglas350x165x4120gr. Calc
Working voltage : 220 - 230 V AC 50/60Hz ±%10
Mains supply power : 2W 
Charge duration : 24 h
Amp.temp. : -5°C . . 45°C
Case temp. : 75°C
Light output : 2W : 90lm
Protection grade : IP40
Electrical classification : I
Battery capacity : 1.2V 1.1Ah


Recessed mounting
AMER 1000mm, 80gr.
Flag Mounting
AAF 150x325x45mm, 380gr.
Steel Were Hanger
AAW1 1000mm, 80gr.
Adjustable hangered holder
AAH 60x6mm, 30x6mm, 80gr.
Chain Hanger
AAZ1 1000mm, 70gr.