Surface mounted, double sided
Visibility range : 30m

  • Housing made of UV-featured ABS thermoplastic material
  • High efficiency LED driver
  • Easy to install ceiling or wall surface-mounted
  • High temperature Ni-Cd or Li-Ion batteries
  • Emergency operation time 3 hours
  • Easy installation with all accessory
  • Standard pressed or sticker with pictogram shape
  • EN 60598-2-22, EAC ve CE certified
ASL M2Led 2W3hNi-Cd 1.2V 1100mA120lm / 90lm325x195x55450gr. Calc
ASL M5Led 5W3hLi-Ion 3.7V 2000mA330lm / 330lm325x195x55450gr. Calc
Working voltage : 220 - 230 V AC 50/60Hz ±%10
Mains supply power : 2W / 5W
Charge duration : 24 h
Amp.temp. : -5°C . . 45°C
Case temp. : 75°C
Light output : 2W : 90lm, 5W : 330lm
Protection grade : IP40
Electrical classification : I
Battery capacity : 1.2V 1.1Ah or 3.7V 2Ah


Recessed mounting
AAR 1000mm, 80gr.
Flag Mounting
AAF 150x325x45mm, 380gr.
Steel Were Hanger
AAW1 1000mm, 80gr.
Adjustable hangered holder
AAH 60x6mm, 30x6mm, 80gr.
Chain Hanger
AAZ1 1000mm, 70gr.