Surface mounted, double sided
Visibility range : 20m

  • Injection moulted clear diffuser covered ABS body
  • Maintained or non-maintained operation mode
  • Surface or recessed mounted
  • High temperature Nickel-Cadmium batteries
  • Fluorescent lamp T5 8W(300lm) or 30 LED system(450lm)
  • Emergency operation time 1 or 3 hours
  • Easy installation with all accessory
  • Standard pressed or sticker with pictogram shape
  • TS 8710 EN 60598-2-22, EAC ve CE certified
ADLS N5Led Emergency3h1.2V 800mA110lm360x145x55645gr. Calc
ADLS M5Led Continuous3h1.2V 800mA110lm / 110lm360x145x55650gr. Calc
ADS N1Emergency1h3.6V 1100mA80lm360x145x55700gr. Calc
ADS N3Emergency3h3.6V 2200mA80lm360x145x55800gr. Calc
ADS M1Continuous1h3.6V 1100mA300lm / 80lm360x145x55850gr. Calc
ADS M3Continuous3h3.6V 2200mA300lm / 80lm360x145x55950gr. Calc
ADSP-P08Acrylic cover250gr. Calc
Working voltage : 220 - 230 V AC 50/60Hz ±%10
Mains supply power : Flo.8W, Led 2.4W; 2.7W on charge
Charge duration : 24 h
Amp.temp. : -5°C . . 45°C
Case temp. : 75°C
Light output : Mains/non-maintained; T5 8W 300/80lm
Led 110/110lm
Protection grade : IP40
Electrical classification : II
Battery capacity : 1.2V 800mAh , 3.6V 1,5Ah


Spring for recessed mounting
AAY2 70x20mm, 80gr.